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It can be an incredibly stressful time when taking your child for their haircut, but at our salon we make the experience fun and enjoyable. Accommodating children aged 2 and under as well as teenagers up to 16 years-old, our stylists cater to all requests. For additional information about our children’s haircuts or to book an appointment, please contact our salon in Yate, Bristol.

Keeping You Child Entertained

You can depend on our friendly stylists to make your child’s experience of the hairdressers relaxing and pleasant. At our salon, we have a designated area for your child to play or read books whilst they wait to have their hair cut. Plus, there is a cool car chair at our salon that your child can sit in whilst having their hair cut. After the service, your child is rewarded with a sticker or lolly. Our aim is to ensure your child enjoys their hairdressing experience with us.

Under 5's

Hair cut £11
Skin Fade £14

Girls, 5 – 12 Years-Old

Dry Cut £15
Wash, Cut & Blow-dry £20
Restyle, Cut & Blow-dry £25

Girls, 13 - 15 Years-Old

Dry Cut £16
Wash, Cut & Blow-dry £23
Restyle, Cut & Blow-dry £27

Boys, 5 - 12 Years-Old

Dry Cut £13
Skin Fade £16

Boys, 13 - 16 Years-Old

Dry Cut £14
Skin Fade £17

Contact our stylists at our salon in Yate, Bristol, to book a girls or boys haircut.

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Did you know we add Olaplex to all our colours to give you strong healthy hair?

Olaplex is a compound which helps to repair broken bonds in your hair caused by over-bleaching and colouring. It protects your hair from further damage, leaving you with strong, healthy and shiny hair. 
You can choose to have this treatment as part of your wash, cut and blow-dry for only an extra £5 or as a standalone treatment.  
Contact us today on 01454 327036 and ask one of our stylists about how Olaplex can benefit your hair. 
Olaplex Number 3 is available to buy. Please ask us for information.